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Mixed Media




Being a self-taught artist means Tammi Rager doesn’t know the rules to traditional art and thus infuses her creations with humor, fun and excitement. In the Brainchild Studio, you will find “fun art” in abundance with her novel approach to her workings through the intentional use of colors, textures and designs.


The Brainchild Studio thinks outside the box in everything we do! I believe life is a journey of exploration that should be filled with fun, inspiration and laughter. I bring this thought into everything I create– from sun catchers to her jewelry to the wall art.


Chainmaille (also called Maille or Chain Maille) was found around the world in ancient times. It is the art of weaving metal rings by hand (one at a time) into a wide variety of designs and patterns. I will be weaving a variety of weaves during the weekend.

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