Rebecca Jadway - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Drawing/Pastel, Mixed Media, Painting/Encaustic, Sculpture



Rebecca Jadway graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2000 and has shown art in Columbus, Chicago and Cleveland, and sells her work on-line. She founded the nonprofit Cross-Media Collective in 2007 and works full-time, both on that project, which aids other artists, and on her own art.


My art focuses on the female figure, both in painting and sculpting, and I work in a variety of styles, often at the same time. My paintings are primarily acrylic. I sculpt in clay, and I mold and cast the originals to make durable, quality sculptures that anyone can afford.


I will be showing examples of molds and casts from original sculptures. I will demonstrate steps of prepping the sculpture, mixing and pouring a variety of molding and casting materials, and finishing the casts.

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