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ArtHouse is located a few blocks north of Franklin Park, between Taylor and Nelson. There is plenty of on-street free parking. Feel free to peruse the sculpture garden on your way in, but watch your step! Work outside will be for sale, and there are more examples of concrete and resin casts, as well as prints, paintings, miniatures and more once you enter my studio. You can tour every room with an open door, enjoying the décor of this historic home that is still in-process of a lengthy restoration. There will be artwork for sale on the first floor, where I will hold a demonstration of molding, casting and finishing sculptures. Check out the embryonic Columbus Museum of Miniatures on the second floor, and find more work for sale in the third floor’s main studio as well as in both stairwells leading up to it. While you’re in my neighborhood, be sure to visit Richard Duarte Brown, Mindy Staley, Kendric Tonn, Gail Larned and Eric Marlow.

Restrooms available

Handicap accessible


Drawing/Pastel, Mixed Media, Painting/Encaustic, Sculpture



Rebecca Jadway graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2000 and has shown art in Columbus, Chicago and Cleveland, and sells her work online. She founded the nonprofit Cross-Media Collective in 2007 and works full-time, both on that project, which aids other artists, and on her own art.


My art focuses on the female figure, both in painting and sculpting, and I work in a variety of styles, often at the same time. My paintings are primarily acrylic. I sculpt in clay, and I mold and cast the originals to make durable, quality sculptures that anyone can afford.


I will be showing examples of molds and casts from original sculptures. I will demonstrate steps of prepping the sculpture, mixing and pouring a variety of molding and casting materials, and finishing the casts.

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