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Linda Langhorst paints the places where people gather. She works primarily in oil, weaving strokes of color into some generally recognizable and personally satisfying memory of life. Perhaps best known for her body of work celebrating the Blues Highway, Linda’s cityscapes and landscapes chronicle travels in the American heartland.


I think of my canvas as a kind of tapestry. Bits and pieces of paint are layered and woven to tie people, places and time together. I’m looking to make the connection itself visible, maybe even almost palpable to the viewer. And I hope to end up with a canvas that is texturally interesting at 6 inches, compositionally satisfying at three feet, and an invitation to enter at greater distances.


I will display finished paintings alongside musical instruments created in the Guitar House Workshop. I also plan to include a slide show featuring “start to finish” images, depicting the development of an image on canvas over time.

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