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Laurie Schmidt’s first career as a potter lasted more than 30 years. After studying with Warren MacKenzie at the University of Minnesota she built her first solo studio and hi-fire kiln near the University of Maryland. She was a founding member in 1973 of the Torpedo Factory, a large cooperative of studios and galleries in Alexandria, Va. Laurie moved to Cincinnati in the mid ‘70s where she established a cooperative art gallery with 10 other artists. In 2003 Laurie went The Ohio State University OSU to study painting and print making. She was a member of Junctionview Studios for 10 years and is a founding member of Brickbox Studios.


My paintings are done for purely aesthetic reasons. I have no philosophic, social or political agenda. Every painting is different from the last one. I sit down to paint usually with no idea, intention, or plan of what I’m, going to do. I start making marks then scraping and blending until something I like appears.


I frequently encounter people who have many questions about abstract painting—I’ll be working through how I go from point A to B, C, D and so on.

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