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Ceramics/Glass, Drawing/Pastel, Mixed Media, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Collage and Performance Practice




¡Katie B Funk! is an artist and writer who blends multiple practices within her work. In 2012, she received her BFA at Saint Mary’s College in northern Indiana, and her MFA at Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) in May of 2018. Her work often involves drawing, speaking, shifting, inhabiting, investigating, printing, assembling, collaging, questioning and dismantling. In August of 2018, she began teaching at CCAD in the CORE Studies Department, teaching drawing.


By peering through an investigative lens, my studio practice aims to find new ways to construct via deconstruction itself, allowing the mercurial space for static work to come alive and live work to stand still. I like to explore questions like: What does someone constructing an image via its deconstruction lose and gain? What are the boundaries of a collage?


I plan to demonstrate performative collage making through unmaking by exploring the limitations of collage if the possibility of creating one is in and of itself boundless.

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