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Sculpture, Woodworking



Gerald Strine uses only hand tools in creating his sculpture. He believes there is a visceral connection when working wood by hand, and it keeps him centered. Known as “Just Jerry” he is a period cabinetmaker and artistic designer of “all things wood.” Modestly, he would argue, “I’m still an apprentice”.


I’ve worked with wood from an early age. It was 1957, at five years of age, I was given some pine boards by my mother, a handsaw, hammer, nails, and chisels. My inspiration for sculpture was kindled by a quote from Joseph Campbell, “Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life…”


I will be working on a sculpture and will discuss how and why I choose one species of wood over another, obtaining the raw material appropriate to the desired results, the hand tools I use to carve and the application of different finishes, type of pigments and top coats.

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