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Our home was built by George Bellows Sr., the father of George Bellows, the famous Columbus artist who lived here before he moved to NYC to pursue creating his art. Gail Larned and I are the current owners, and as artists, we also have our studios set up in this house. As you approach our home you will see a purple wrought iron fence. The walls are covered with our art and that of many other artists. Everywhere you look, there is something interesting to see. Stroll through the house, into the backyard and into our studio/garage combo we call the “Garagio”. Here you will see both of us “doing our thing”. While you’re in the area, be sure to visit Kendric Tonn, Mindy Staley, Richard Duarte Brown and Rebecca Jadway just a few minutes away.

Restrooms available

Handicap accessible


Sculpture, Jewelry



Eric Marlow received his BFA from The Ohio State University. He is a painter, sculptor and jewelry designer. He began making jewelry in the mid-1960s and sells his work at craft shows, museums and galleries worldwide. He also conducts workshops through the Ohio Arts Council and the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education.


Seeing my ideas spring to life from my imagination is a powerful aphrodisiac, and that love affair is still going on after all these years.


I will demonstrate a variety of creative processes including glass enameling on copper, silver/gold soldering and pewter castings, using a high temperature “solar furnace” which I have designed and constructed.

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