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Dana Grubbe is a contemporary abstract artist working in central Ohio. She exhibits locally and at Art@43023 in Granville. Dana will have a solo show at the Bexley Library in the fall of 2020. She recently had a piece accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe.


I am interested in the process as well as in the creation, sometimes making my mediums, paints and supports. My art is driven by my intentions: I create an alternative universe that is lyrical, seductive and tactile; one that pulls you into my paintings.


I plan to demonstrate encaustic monotypes (like printing but with wax). I have a heated palette (2′ x 4′) on which I will paint with wax and then, just as in regular monotype printing, I will transfer the image to various types of Japanese papers. Ink and gold leaf may be part of the process.

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