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Macrame Cafe is a pop up art shop. The artists at Macrame Cafe create modern macrame art for plant display and home décor and teach macrame workshops around the city.


My sister and I have always been into smaller scale art and fiber art projects, and I remember making them growing up with our mom. The larger pieces you see in our studio are simply a part of the learning process on how to bring those smaller scale crafts into larger, more artistic décor for the home. We draw inspiration from the 70s and combine it with more modern techniques and variations of natural fiber and cords. One of our favorite things to do is incorporate found branches or driftwood into our pieces for a completely natural look. Since we experiment as we go, many of our piece are trial and error and can take over 24 hours to completely finish. We hope to incorporate more textures into our upcoming works, creating more dynamic weavings and macrame décor. With the addition of our macrame workshops and pop up shops around the city, we’re still completely learning as we go!


I will be demonstrating how to create macrame plant hangers and the knots used to make them.

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