Rebecca Rea - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Join us at Spinfire Studios, found at the dead end of Farnham Rd. There are a couple of parking spots available in the drive, or feel free to grab a spot on the street, and come on up. The studio is located in the garage. Come explore our studio and our charming backyard (weather permitting). We have invited some fellow artists to join in helping out all weekend. We will be demonstrating all the many stages clay travels throughout in its life process. There will be wheel-throwing, trimming, sculpting, decorating, glazing and firing, happening all weekend. And of course, as always a little bit of a party too. You won’t want to miss it!

Restrooms available

Handicap accessible





Rebecca Rea has been working in ceramics for the past 20 years. Currently, she has been deeply involved in the art-festival circuit, doing dozens of shows throughout the Midwest each season.


“I am a functional potter. Everything is meant to be used, to hold something precious, or become a home for something living. The foundation of ceramics is amazing to me. Being able to transform a ball of clay out of the earth, into a solid functional form is incredible.”

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Rebecca Rea