Hani Hara - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


After parking on either side of Broadmoor, you will enter my front door and walk downstairs to my colorful studio. There you will see where I create my vibrant masterpieces. If you are interested in my work, feel free to peruse my finished pieces in the front two rooms of my home. While you’re in the area, be sure to visit Chris Rankin and Anita Dawson just a few minutes away in Bexley!

Restrooms available
Yes, upstairs in house

Handicap accessible





Hani Hara is a Columbus artist in his 70s who started painting with watercolors. Looking to make his colors come alive, he turned to acrylics. He likes painting on interesting wood surfaces, gourds and found objects.


“I am a self-taught artist who loves color. When I start to paint, I usually have no clue what will turn up. I sometime feel like I have no control over the brush. I’m always amazed at how my paintings end up.”

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My Work & Studio

Hani Hara