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Welcome to April Sunami Studios. You will find my studio in a brick building near a bustling coffee shop and nestled between two creative spaces. After parking on either side of Tulane, you will enter through Open Heart Creatures studios to access my area on the right. Please pay a visit to Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch while you’re here! Once in my studio you will notice large and small original paintings covering most of the wall space in addition to art materials and inspiration boards. You will observe my mixed media process as I will be working on pieces throughout the weekend. Other Clintonville artists nearby are Stephanie Rond, Christy Brand and TradeMark Gunderson.

Restrooms available

Handicap accessible


Painting, Mixed Media




April Sunami is a professional visual artist primarily focusing on mixed media painting and installation. She earned her MA and BA in art history from OU and OSU respectively. Her work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums and is represented in private collections throughout the country.


“I paint images of women and utilize their hair and/or body coverings as a visual framework to explore a variety of themes. Through color, movement, collage, and found objects my work comments on ideals of femininity, subverting the male gaze, representation of women of color, spirituality, history and ancestral connections.”

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April Sunami