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I would like to welcome you, visitors, to WILLYWORLD. WILLYWORLD is the place that I have created in the process of living the Artist’s Life. I love the artist’s life because I know of nothing else. I always wanted to be an artist and I am happy that for me that it has become a reality. I hope that you will be happy that you visited my world and take a part of it on your way, your journey.






American photographer Willis Shively is best known for his immense body of portraiture work, captured over a career of four decades. After getting his Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from Ohio State University in the early 70s, Will went on to teach himself the art of photography while working as a night janitor at a local manufacturing plant. Will became one of the most respected commercial photographers in Columbus, with clients like Abercrombie, Victoria’s Secret, Express, DSW, and Ballet Met, among many others. Always interested in the blurred lines between his artistic and commercial work, Will slowly transitioned in the early 90s to a prolific career as an art photographer.


Why do I do what I do? I have impulses and I have been given tools that I have mastered. These combined with intuition, result in visual signals from my mind that evolve into images that say something. What do the resultant signals turned into visual pictures say? That is the prize. It can be whatever the viewer finds meaningful.

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