Rick Borg - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


My studio is in a historic building housing many studios in the Milo Grogan neighborhood. In the main lobby you will be greeted by a volunteer who will direct you to the wing where my studio is located. On your way you will see lots of art hung; much of it mine.


Mixed media


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Rick Borg was born in Columbus in 1958.  He has both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from The Ohio State University. Rick has been exhibiting in galleries and restaurants since 1983.  He makes a living from art sales and being a fix-up man laborer.


I have been expressing myself through art nearly every day for my whole life.  This expression is a natural thing for me.  Like life, my work is complex, layered and varied.  I use paint and found objects to create a diary of my daily life, mood and feelings.

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My Work & Studio