Richard Duarte Brown - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Making your way through Old Town East you will arrive at Richard Duarte Brown’s carriage house studio. After parking on the street you will find my assistant Donte looking out for visitors. You will see finished mixed media paintings and works in progress. I will demonstrate how I compose my art using yoga mats, cigar boxes, photos, drawings, wood pieces and gathered objects from treasure bins.


Painting, mixed media



Richard Duarte Brown, a mixed-media painter, is dedicated to giving back. Recently, Richard was awarded a grant by the Ohio Arts Council as part of the Teach Arts Ohio pilot program to work in both Rosemore Middle School and Whitehall-Yearling High School.


I have come to the season of my life where love is more important than winning. I can look past rejection and non-acceptance letters and realize my greater desire is to respond to life by making my art.

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My Work & Studio