Pedro Prieto - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Pedro Prieto’s studio is located on the near west side within a warehouse with off-street parking and a well-marked entrance.  There are two entrances to the building and a Volunteer will be visible to direct you to his studio. Pedro looks forward to meeting you.


Painting, printmaking



Pedro learned printmaking in Queretaro, Mexico, from the artist Inaki Garrido at El Museo de la Ciudad. He received his bachelor’s degree from Otterbein University, studying under printmaker Nicholas Hill. He now teaches a printmaking workshop and continues to make work at his studio.


My work is a depiction of human life, expressing different feelings and emotions through the art of print making.  The medium allows me freedom to convey this through line work. I start by drawing my subject then use that drawing as a template in the printmaking process to complete the piece.

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My Work & Studio