Mindy Staley - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Making your way through Olde Towne East you will find my studio space along side Richard Duarte Brown, in the carriage house studio. After parking on the street you will find a studio assistant looking out for visitors. You will see my finished acrylic paintings, collaborative works with Richard as well as works in progress. I will demonstrate my creative process which involves mixing modeling paste and other mediums into acrylic paint and then using a palette knife for a thick application across the canvas.




Mindy grew up in a small town where everyone knows your name. As an introvert, external criticism fed her doubt, fear, and uncertainty as an artist. After teaching art for over ten years, an artist encouraged her to have “rhino tough” skin.  The rhino became her artistic voice.


Each painting represents a different aspect of overcoming the fear of criticism and rejection.  I love working with patterns and textures. I have been experimenting with various mediums in acrylic paint to apply thick textured paint to canvases while showing detail.

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My Work & Studio