Mary Barczak - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


There is ample street parking on either side of the boulevard, once arriving at the house a volunteer will direct visitors to the two separate studios. Upstairs in my studio you will see both a photography and design layout studio as well as my wet-work studio. I will also have a display wall of current works available for purchase.


Painting, photography


Mary Barczak is one of those really awkward, friendly people that knows way too much about comics and sci-fi, and loves her cats. She graduated from Ball State University with a photo degree thinking she was going to take on the world. She even used to be internationally known for LARPing.


My works mix everyday blaisé feelings of surroundings with characters tinged with absurdity and dark humor. Anonymity is a constant through my work, as well as seeing how to push different familiar narratives into unfamiliar zones. Primarily working in watercolor, inks, gouache, paper, and photographs, I love creating stories within stories.

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My Work & Studio