Mary Ann Crago - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


After parking on the street, visitors will walk up the drive through the backyard gate where they will be greeted by a volunteer directing them to my garage studio. Once visitors are in the studio they can explore my collections of found objects and photos, ponder a gallery wall of completed work and peruse multiple work surfaces filled with pieces in various stages of completion. They might even try their hand at creating something themselves during their visit. Before guests head to the next stop, they are welcome to sit for a few minutes just outside the studio and enjoy the gardens.


Mixed media



Mary Ann Crago is a mixed media maker, collector and librarian. She loves her dogs more than she likes most people. She is a Columbus College of Art & Design alum who digs day shows, the Columbus crafty scene and weekend art festivals. Mary Ann finds her joy and purpose when she’s transforming her carefully curated collection of old stuff into imaginative new art.


Guardians, talismans and totems. Soulful and intimate mixed media sculptures inspired by birds, creatures, aboriginal & native art and by the objects from which they are made. My pieces are created from found objects (organic and man-made) and other traditional art materials like paint, self-drying clay, paper, metal, and fabric.

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My Work & Studio