Kent Grosswiler - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


First, I want to let all visitors know that my street, W. Longview, only has parking on the south side of the street, which necessitates turning around to park if one is entering the street from N. High St. My Great Dane will be excited to have visitors and will more than likely assist my greeter in welcoming everyone to my home and studio. My dwelling is full of artwork, the majority of it created by local artists who I feel very fortunate to consider friends and peers, as well as some of my own work. My studio is on the second floor and more than likely I’ll have a work in progress on my easel and if I’m working on a smaller piece I’ll be holding that in my lap. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and will be happy to answer all the questions you may have.





For most of Roger Kent Grosswiler’s life his creativity involved playing the drums. He started painting seriously at the age of 40 after losing a job of eight years. In addition he went back to college to pursue a degree in English and creative writing. Kent’s painting obsession has paid off in many ways.


Since childhood I’ve been moved by the creative output of others. My work is the result of my insatiable appetite for music, art, writing, movies and television. I cram it all in, letting it swirl around in my brain then regurgitate some combination of it back out, with my own distinguishable spin.

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