Kendric Tonn - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Parking will be available on the street in front of my home studio.  Volunteers from Brandt-Roberts Galleries will be present to greet visitors, bring them into my studio, and help discuss my work.  Visitors will see my realistic oil paintings of human figures and still-lifes, both works-in-progress as well as completed paintings.





Kendric earned a BA in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. Uncertain about his future, he then lived in Japan for a year, travelling, teaching, and drawing, before deciding to seek formal artistic training. He studied at the Florence Academy of Art, from which he graduated in 2010.


The human experience has always been at the center of my work–enduring human concerns, themes, and stories. Central to that, the most universal of all subjects, is the human figure. My paintings, whatever other subject may be present, depict individual people opened up to common feelings.

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My Work & Studio