TradeMark Gunderson & Christy Brand - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Just a few stairs up from Neil Avenue is GunderBrand Studios and artists TradeMark Gunderson and Christy Brand. TradeMark will present interactive installations, video and audio works, and a drawing robot of his invention. Christy will show her visual collages and book artworks, and invite visitors to contribute to an exquisite corpse creation.


Digital art, mixed media



TradeMark Gunderson and Christy Brand work collaboratively as GunderBrand Studios. TradeMark Gunderson is a technology artist and musician. Using repurposed old and new technology, his artwork inspires unexpected insights into how we perceive and interact with our increasingly digital world. Christy Brand works in a variety of expressive arts including visual, audio and performative.


TradeMark: I am inspired by the creative misuse of technology to produce unexpected interactions, from remixed recordings to our physical interfaces with technology.

Christy: My work can be called collage, mixed media, assemblage, or recycling. I work with existing imagery, as well as my own to create something entirely new.

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