Gerald Fitzpatrick - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Welcome-Bienvenido to our Workshop-Studio. Please park in the chain link fence gravel lot. There will be metal sculptures placed outside to help identify the location. A volunteer will direct visitors into the studio, which I share with my brother, John Fitzpatrick. Have a good look around and we will demonstrate some of the metal shaping tools that are used.





Gerald Fitzpatrick is an artificial limb maker who fits prostheses on landmine victims in conflict zones. He is a member of the Columbus Idea Foundry, carving out a new chapter of exploring the metal arts. For 12 years Gerald has been renovating a Cold War missile base in NY.


I collect and store images and experiences throughout my travels and combine them with my love of the metals arts. I create forms from scratch. Call it my art and hopefully it will move you.

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My Work & Studio