Christopher Tennant - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


After parking on either side of the boulevard, visitors will be greeted at the door by a volunteer directing them to my basement studio. There they will see various paintings and sculptures both in process and complete, as well as live painting demo of a still life.


Mixed media, painting, sculpture


Chris studied Fine Arts at Columbus College of Art & Design, focusing on painting and sculpture. In 2012 he was part of the Lego show at the Columbus Museum of Art, Think Outside the Brick. Currently he works in central Ohio as a studio artist and 3D designer.


Chris Tennant takes inspiration from the city around him. The rich textures of old construction, thier mending, and erosion. His painting surfaces mimic this design. Smooth new surfaces give way to fault lines leading into broken and torn edges. On top of these formed grounds he paints from observation.

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My Work & Studio