Charles Wince - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


I look forward to demonstrating my ​less than novice but short of professional carpentry skills, as well as attempting to be witty and amusing in describing my motivations as to why I do what I do in my artistic endeavors to all interested attendees. Public parking is available in front of my studio/home/museum, as well as adjoining roads.




Charles Wince moved to Columbus from rural Ohio in 1982. Wince, a 61 year old self taught artist with learning disabilities has a unique style which has prompted some writers and critics to categorize him as an ”Outsider/ Visionary”.


What motivates me? My learning disabilities, ‘my blessing/my curse’. I’m not very good at achieving normal things; however, early on I found I had a knack with creating artwork and so have stuck with it for over 52 years. With this focus I’ve achieved a rather unique narrative style.

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