Cat Lynch - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


After parking on the street, visitors will be greeted at the door by a volunteer who will welcome them into my house and up the stairs to the studio. On the way, visitors will see and have a chance to participate in an interactive installation. Once in the studio, visitors will see images of other installation work, as well as artifacts of research and drawings/collages in various stages of completion. They will also have a chance to see, read and purchase original writing. I will be present to answer any questions about various projects and the processes behind them, as well as to demonstrate my favorite tracing paper casting technique.


Mixed media, drawing, installation, performance, collage, writing



Cat Lynch is an artist educator at the Columbus Museum of Art where she works with children 5 and under and their grown-ups. Cat is also an artist whose work focuses primarily on collage, story-telling, interaction and environment. She finds the two worlds support and complement each other beautifully.


I love old, worn things and the patina of stories that come with them. I’m absolutely story-greedy. I love the way a good story can transport us to another place, another mind. At my most ambitious, that’s what I hope to do with my own work.

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