Briden Schueren - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


I am located in a building that looks like a giant brick box, hence the name BrickBox Studios. Once you have parked through the gate in the back of the building, enter through the back door. You can also park on the street in front of the building and enter through the front door. There will be a volunteer who will direct you to my bright and welcoming space that screams “create in me.” In my studio you will see my messy and fun experience of me painting and creating my various styles of art.


Digital art, mixed media, painting, photography



Briden Schueren grew up in a rural town and spent many of his younger years painting with his grandmother. From a young age he was involved with colorful hands on creations, learning how to paint at the age of 5. He enjoys many facets of art and creations.


An artist is someone who doesn’t bind themselves with one style, or adhere to the rules of what art is. Instead, they look at any creative opportunity as inspiration to think outside of the box to create and learn something new. If you want to create, what is stopping you?

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My Work & Studio