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When you get to Milo Arts you’ll notice it’s a grand old school building from 1894. As my assistant greats you, you’ll be brought through the lobby which is full of art from other artists in the building. As you’re guided up the stairs to my studio, you will begin to see more of my work on the hall walls.  When you step into my studio you’ll smell the linseed oil and see works in progress and paint on my pallets. There will be no doubt in your head that you have stepped deep into the world of art. I look forward to seeing you.





ArtCat Kraemer is from RochesterNew York and currently lives at Milo Arts in Columbus, Ohio. He’s been an artist all his life. ArtCat studied art at the School Without Walls in RochesterNew York, as well as Shawnee State University in PortsmouthOhio and The Ohio State University in ColumbusOhio. He’s been showing in Columbus since 1994.


If society wants to burn it’s imagery into my head, it’ll pay rent by allowing me to apply it to my canvas. I appropriate the images that move me. I apply it to my narrative, whether it is the “drive over the cliff” or the best in our society.

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