Adlai Stein - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Welcome to Macabee Metals. When people arrive they will enter through the garage at the back of the building. There they will find the blacksmith shop in full operation and all the tools both modern and historic that make up the craft. There will be blacksmithing demonstrations and examples of finished work available for purchase.





Adlai Stein has been forging for over 25 years. He is a self-taught traditional blacksmith. His love of history, mythology and fantasy fiction such as  J.R.R. Tolkien have allowed him to use ancient techniques in making contemporary sculpture and functional ironwork. He works and teaches blacksmithing at the Columbus Idea Foundry.


I have been the blacksmith at the Columbus Idea Foundry for the past 3 years. My love of making and creating has allowed me to quit my day job and do what I love: forging contemporary sculpture and functional tools out of iron and steel using ancient techniques.

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