Adam Hernandez - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Visitors are welcome to park along Harrison West’s tree lined Michigan Avenue. Visitors will be welcomed by volunteers into my home, which I share with my girlfriend and cat. Volunteers will direct visitors to my basement studio to experience my Aztec and graffiti inspired art first hand. Visitors are also welcome to enjoy my comic book collection and our eclectic home decorating style!





Adam Hernandez was born in the Bronx to a family of musicians and performers. As a child, the bravado and vibrancy of the graffiti that covered every surface of his city spoke to him.  With the city’s inspiration and the encouragement of his oil-painting-grandfather, Hernandez set down an artistic path.


My work exists within The Land of Thunderbirds where Aztec-inspired gods traverse amongst squalor and splendor. A realm of imagination. A world without countries or borders, a new take on the urban jungle. History is written in the sky and giant birds nest in the ruins of once great cities.

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My Work & Studio