Adam Brouillette - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Welcome to Blockfort. Park in the lot across the street or at a meter and head into the gallery where you will be greeted by a volunteer. After seeing the exhibition, head down the hall to visit the second gallery to see additional work. My work is located in the middle of the studios. You will be able to see and purchase paintings and prints with my familiar characters on them and see my working process.





Adam Brouillette is a painter, designer, entrepreneur and community organizer. He is co-owner of Blockfort Studios and Gallery with his wife Meghan. He is involved in several community organizations related to the arts. Adam has shown work extensively in the community over the past 15 years.


My images are flat, graphic representations of various characters, each serving their purpose in the storytelling. I am diligent about my use of color and the moods and tones it sets. I pay attention to how the colors and shapes I am using interact with one another.

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My Work & Studio