Nikos Rutkowski - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Cave Bear Studio, where you’ll find Nikos Rutkowski, is located in a rough, gritty, industrial chic converted warehouse. Featuring a wide array of projects in various states of completion, visitors to this “creature shop” will be greeted by 3D creations ranging from the whimsically cute to the terrifyingly macabre. The visit will allow the opportunity to see and play with the amazing materials and tools that go into creating sculptures for Special Effects and other uses.


Special effects, prop and mask making and fabrication


Originally founded as Victor Nombre Studios in 2012, by Nikos Fyodor Rutkowski, the name was changed in 2014 to Cave Bear Studio in honor of the artist’s son Lincoln Bear.

Rutkowski is an artist based in Columbus Ohio who has more than a decade of experience in special effects, prop and mask making, and fabrication. Cave Bear Studio has an ever expanding and evolving line of masks and props, and embraces custom projects of all sorts- from puppets for theatre productions, to fixtures, to large scale sculptural projects.


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