Matt Wolcott - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Matt Wolcott’s art studio is located in a building just a few miles east of downtown Columbus that is currently home to over 60 artists. His studio is located on the second floor in the rear of the building. Ample signage will be provided, as well as a COSS volunteer to guide you to the space. Matt creates improvised abstract paintings, which he will discuss and have on display at various stages of completion. Visitors will be invited to participate in a large-scale collaborative painting between themselves and the artist.




Matt Wolcott was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1980.  He spent his youth in the cities of Tiffin and Toledo, Ohio before he received his Bachelors of Fine Art from The Ohio State University in 2004, concentrating in painting and drawing. He Studied under Lynn Umlauf, Alan Crockett, Stephan Pentak, Pam Fraiser and Pheoris West.   Matt has been exhibiting his work for the past seven years and has been published in Fresh Paint Magazine.  Currently, he lives and keeps a studio in Columbus, Ohio.


I start with a mark; I try to allow it to come naturally. My references are my every day; the graffiti I see, the cars and billboards I drive by, the comic books of my youth, the movies I watch, the music I listen to, and fragments from the paintings I see. I have no idea what the final image will be, I do have an aesthetic that I am striving for. I am not trying to create something new, I’m trying to create the unknown I simply; paint and stare, paint and stare, paint and stare, paint and stare, and paint. My paintings are a culmination of idea after idea, success, failure, struggle, and arrival all presented to the viewer on a piece of canvas. The experience of the paintings creation, of being a painter, is my subject matter.


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