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The Second Sight Project in Franklinton is a unique amalgamation of social practice artwork and community arts organization. Founded by artist Mona Gazala in 2012, Second Sight facilitates exhibits and art projects that are accessible to residents of Franklinton, while giving local, national, and international visiting artists a chance to experience the neighborhood from the perspective of the people who live here.

Sign House 735, where Maira will be working, is one of the three residency spaces.  It was only recently a center of drug activity in the neighborhood, and is now being reclaimed as a center for learning and creativity, housing both visiting artists and our community free library.


Sculpture, mixed media


Maira Hashmi is a mixed media/sculpture artist from Lahore Pakistan. Her work has been exhibited in Pakistan, London, and Scotland. In September-October of 2016 she will be doing an artist residency at the Second Sight Project in Franklinton.


I think the purpose of art is to resist established norms and challenge dogmas to keep humanity and sanity alive. The primary function of art in oppressive societies should be defying taboos and challenging the repressive social structure. Therefore, I like to raise questions about dominating ideologies and cultural practices through my sculptures. My work attempts to propagate liberal standards of religious tolerance and communal harmony while communicating an unflinching faith in humanism.

I try to visualize these themes through stylized figure compositions and mundanne objects . My art practice focuses on these seemingly ordinary things from daily life and their real connection with us. This realness inspires my creativity. My sculptures tell the visual tale of my artistic journey: my joys, sorrows, contemplation and angst of a female being.


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