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After parking on the south side of Weber Road or any adjacent street, visitors will take the sidewalk on the west side of the house to reach the garden. There a volunteer will greet them and usher them into the free-standing studio. Once inside, visitors may watch glass being formed by using a torch. There will be paintings, glass work, and assemblage art, both completed and in progress, on display throughout the studio space. Weather permitting there will be a fire going in the studio fireplace.


Glass, mixed media


Lisa Horkin has a degree in fine arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design and studied painting, glass, and ceramics. After graduating Lisa worked in painting and textiles for nearly 15 years exhibiting, lecturing, and teaching, before returning to glass blowing in 2002. She has been creating works in glass ever since. Lisa primarily creates blown glass bowls and vases. Having found old furniture to paint over the years, Lisa found that her love of painting is still strong, and she finds much inspiration from old worn furniture. Lisa has begun to introduce painting into her glass art, and decided to introduce glass into her paintings embarking on a new creative journey.
Lisa states, “My training is in fine arts. I love to create no matter the materials; I just have to learn the tools of the medium. I love creating works of art!”


I knew from my earliest recollection of conscious thought that I wanted to express myself through physical media. I think that I always felt this drive as an extension of my fascination with the physical qualities of the world around me, particularly the natural world. When I was very young it was the smell and feel of paint through my fingers as I smeared it around on wet paper, and the feel of pounding a nail and it sinking into a piece of scrap wood to build a “ship.” Today that same physical fascination flows through more complex processes, and I see the details of the physical world with a better understanding of their complexities, but that same childlike wonderment and need to feel still drives me.

I spend a lot of time enjoying what Mother Nature produces. Over the years I have worked part time in a garden nursery and in a botanical garden, I have been surrounded by color, texture, smell and pattern. It would be difficult not to be influenced by any of this, and it shows in my work. The creative demonstration of nature does not intimidate me; it pushes me forward with my own efforts. I am continually amazed. I stare at plants, a dying plant or the dried seed pod left after a flower has withered. I ponder plants and rocks with patterns and interesting shapes, the negative spaces around a flower, the patterns that occur in nature, spirals, evenly spaced lines and diamond patterns.

I am inspired by the color and the properties of glass itself, its malleability when hot, again the tactile reward of the pinching, pulling and squishing, as well as the material’s equally rewarding clarity and rigidity in final form. Blowing glass has become a huge lesson in how to “go with the flow” Some days the glass is moving with me and other days I have to give in and move with the glass.


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Horkin_03_Gold Amphora and stand glass_2.5x2.5x2in