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Welcome to Guitar House Workshop, a home for artists who love music making. Our repair shop and instrument store serves as the studio for guitar makers John Bolzenius and Josh Wydick as well as painting studio/personal gallery for artist Linda Langhorst. We also host a busy lesson program taught by several talented central Ohio musicians. Together, we are a community of artists, musicians, and artisans who consider music making a central part of the human experience. We believe whole heartedly that anyone can make music, everyone can enjoy music, and our purpose is to spread the joy of music making to all who visit the shop.


Painting, drawing, music


Ohio artist Linda Langhorst’s images often include people in everyday settings. The focus of her work is not the individuals she paints, but instead the relationships between the individuals and their environment. Langhorst currently works primarily in oil. The artist treats her canvas as though it is a kind of tapestry. Bits and pieces of paint are woven together to create something that speaks of a real life moment. Her goal is to let the paint tie the participants together in that place and at that moment. Langhorst’s drawings and paintings can be found in private, public and corporate collections across America and Canada. Additional work by Ms. Langhorst can be found at Sharon Weiss Gallery, Ursus, and Guitar House Workshop in Columbus as well as Pierre Paul Gallery (Ann Arbor), and Sutton Galleries (New Orleans).


I am a painter. I am drawn to the places where music happens, especially the nooks and crannies where it takes hold of us on a personal level. My favorite scenes are the intimate gatherings where people don’t so much perform but instead share song and dance together. The oil painting “Marigny Front Porch” comes from Frenchman Street in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood just east of the French Quarter, New Orleans. It is one of those kinds of places, where the sheer joy of making music reigns over all else. More than any city I know, New Orleans spills her music out into the streets, where everyone is invited to splash and wade in it, like little kids. In New Orleans, you play in the music. You live in the music. Music trumps in NOLA. There is no other way to write it. I am in love with New Orleans and so I paint her as best I can.


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