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After parking on the street visitors will be greeted at the door by a volunteer and welcomed into Kristen Morris’ house where they will be directed to her basement studio. In the studio she will have examples of her sculptures and a host of found objects used to create some of them. In the downstairs studio as well as the upstairs space there will be pieces on display in various stages of completion and Kristin will be happy to discuss the ideas behind them.  She has an extensive art collection that will also be on display throughout the house.


Sculpture, mixed media


I was born in Springfield, Ohio to a mother who is a potter and a geologist father.  I have always loved art and have been making things out of clay my whole life.  In 1993 I graduated from The College Of Wooster as a Studio Art major and later attended The Columbus College Of Art & Design.  I received a Masters of Social Work degree from The Ohio State University in 2003.  Throughout my career I have had jobs sculpting and painting for haunted houses, making characters for water park rides, and constructing and repairing costumes for a costume shop.  In addition I have worked at a children’s home, a behavioral health center, and currently volunteer at an arts workshop for adults with developmental disabilities.  Presently I enjoy taking painting and ceramics classes at the Cultural Arts Center in addition to selling my work at art shows, shops, and galleries.


I am primarily a sculptor, however I also define myself as a mixed media artist. In my work I am drawn to minute details in painting and sculpture, and am especially attracted to Oaxacan woodcarvings. I am inspired by edgy, thought provoking, and “dark” art that is bordering on creepy. Tim Burton and his many eerie characters are an artistic motivation for me as well as Halloween, Jim Henson and 3d Illustration, I find myself infatuated with pieces that have their roots in carnivals, folk art, and Day of the Dead. Through the use of bright colors, complex patterns, and symbolic figural images I aspire to transport the viewer to an offbeat fantasy world.

Traditionally most of my works are made from old recycled wood spindles and other found objects. I like bringing together disparate elements and creating a unified whole. My favorite shopping places are thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets as I enjoy finding use for bits and pieces that others have discarded. For the spindles I spend time sanding and scraping away old paint and applying gesso or primer before beginning the actual piece. I sculpt the features with Apoxie Sculpt, manipulating the clay to shape fine details. Sometimes I carefully draw complex patterns on the piece to decide where the various colors of paint will be applied. Afterwards I begin the intricate painting process on the sculptures surface. I tend to use a lot of dry brushing and washes to achieve the desired effects.


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