Katerina Harris - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Journey into the Old Town East neighborhood to explore the wonder of Katerina Harris’s art. After parking on the street, step into the main house and walk upstairs to discover her studio and be greeted by assistant, Malik Carrington. Inside you will see the process of development of acrylic and mixed media paintings come alive.




Katerina Harris is an interdisciplinary artist/administrator/educator with the TRANSIT ARTS youth arts program in Columbus. She attended Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center and Columbus State Community College and is a visual artist, poet and singer. Katerina creates images that comment on the world around her through the wonder generated by patterns and colors. People radiate vibration and color, creating their own personal patterns that reflect their personalities. Katerina is inspired to show the unique beauty and cadence found in the patterns of those she paints.


Throughout life people are silenced based off factors like race, sex, or creed and many of factors are beyond their control. Most of my life I have felt silenced because of boxes I’ve been put in life and as an artist I give a voice. I painted for people who only seen as stereotypical depictions, breaking the stereotypical of black people especially black women. Watching how little Black Women are viewed cause me to create a counterculture to those images.  I am placing my narrative of black women to the forefront of the creative movement. In my depictions these women are shown as the flowing spirit they are.

Painting colors in to existence watching them frolic on my pallet as I mix them, transforming them in to new. Colors as a whole has always been important to me; sight is my favorite sense because through sight you touch all the senses. To see the way, the different pigments shines and flow across materials brings me so much joy. In my hands I can mold different shades and tints around one another. Using the rhythmic cadenced of a paint brush stroke adding patterned dashes on to canvas. So brush to canvas I paint create my footnote on the pages of history. My position is to show that black women are part of the creative movement. So I stand with paint brush in hand filling the world in color.



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