Julie Macala - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


After locating parking on the residential street, you will be greeted and welcomed into Julie Macala’s duplex home (left side). Once inside, you will immediately step into a workplace. The ground level floor will display finished pieces as well as works in progress and a demonstration will be held in the extended studio in the basement.


PYROgraphy or “woodburning”


Artist and PYROgrapher Julie Macala of Clintonville was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.  She always knew creating was natural for her.  In the fifth grade she was doomed to be an artists after receiving many grades including, “draws too much!” on the top corner of the page. After her grandmother, Maxine introduced her to pyrography or “wood burning” she decided to make self taught pyrography a large staple in her every day life.  Julie experiments with many techniques and mediums to achieve unique textures and style.  Not only does she use three pyrography pens but also, three different torches, two different fuels and Fractal Lichtenberg imaging (running electricity through wood).  She often leaves many of her wood pieces natural in color when presenting a high contract design.  Although she loves woodgrain in its natural state, her art depicts vibrant colors as well.  She enjoys metallic paints, acrylic, watercolor, stains and glosses.

In 2010 she began showing fine art pieces at Gallery 83 in the Short North. In the meantime she created smaller works of art to offer more affordable rates plus, began offering custom works.  In 2011 Julie named her business Branching Creations and has had booths at many festivals including Backwoods Fest, Independentsʼ Day, Grove City Wine and Arts Fest, Comfest, and Bonnaroo. In March of 2016 she won the Comfest logo contest. For the last year Julie has simultaneously worked events for Bernzomatic and Worthington Industries even receiving a “Moments of Fire” award.


When I create art I am relaxed. Pyrography is a way for me to unwind and let myself indulge in my own concentration. Wood and its grain allows me to work without complete control. I am able to influence the appearance but I cannot, and will not change the piece as a whole, instead I work with it. Because of this, often wood surprises you and changes YOUR direction. Since I am working with nature, my designs are inspired heavily by just that. While admiring other pyrography work, I take pride in the different techniques my work depicts. Torching wood is a great way to enhance the unique grain and unveil natural beauty. I use heavy textures, vibrant colors and/or contrasting shades in my bold designs. Metallic colors match well with an earthy but eye-catching look: one of my favorites. You can not only see my art but, you can smell and feel it too.  Just the scent of wood burning alone has itʼs own effect. When carved, burnt, and glossed sometimes with a thick epoxy, youʼll have a completely different experience by touch. No matter what they feel, Iʼd like people to have more than one way of experiencing my art.



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