Joshua Stewart - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


After parking in the lot adjacent to the warehouse building, visitors will be greeted at a well-marked entrance. They will then be directed to Joshua Stewart’s studio. Once in the studio visitors will see completed paintings and sculptures as well as pieces in various stages of production. Limited edition prints of past works will also be available to view and purchase.


Illustration, painting, printmaking


Joshua James Stewart was born in a small town in Michigan but has been a proud resident of Columbus Ohio ever since graduating from The Columbus College Of Art and Design in 2003 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts concentrating in illustration and printmaking and is now a proud resident of Weinland Park.

He works with a large range of mediums and has worked with just about everything from ceramics to digital media. Most recently concentrating on his painting and printmaking. No matter what the medium though his work is recognizable because of its whimsical nature and use of bright vibrant colors.

After working for years in the corporate printing world Joshua has been excited to get back into the creative side of things. Most recently working for a local non-profit Art studio, Little Fish Printing and Gallery, helping adults with developmental disabilities. But is currently trying to make a mark with his own artwork. Selling from his studio at 400 West Rich, in the Franklinton area of Columbus as well as at festivals and shows throughout the Midwest.


I really try and create work that makes people smile, for years I tried to create in a style that wasn’t truly my own. Trying to create what I thought people wanted, or what the latest trend suggested people liked. With my recent work I create what makes me happy and what I enjoy.

Painting in vibrant colors I create whimsical landscapes and creatures that inhabit them. Whether they’re creatures that exist in our world today, or ones that came straight from my head. They all share a world that looks uniquely theirs. I want to create work that’s approachable to everyone. Whether you’re a true art lover or a child experiencing their first art show. I want both of you to leave with a big grin on your face.


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My Work & Studio

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