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Welcome to Guitar House Workshop, a home for artists who love music making. Our repair shop and instrument store serves as the studio for guitar makers John Bolzenius and Josh Wydick, and as painting studio/gallery for artist Linda Langhorst. We host a busy lesson program taught by several talented central Ohio musicians. Together, we are a community of artists, musicians, and artisans who consider music making a central part of the human experience.


Master luthier


Guitar Makers John Bolzenius and Josh Wydick: As a natural extension of their work in restoration of fretted instruments, John and Josh practice the traditional art of custom building guitars and ukuleles. Their work includes age old handcrafting techniques as well as precisely measured contemporary methods for creating beautiful instruments out of wood, animal bone and metal. John apprenticed and worked under J. Thomas Davis, Guitar Maker (Clintonville) for nine years before opening his own business. As an accomplished musician, his work is influenced by these perspectives. Josh is also a musician, with a healthy interest in all kinds of instruments. Together John and Josh represent over 30 years experience honing their skills in the traditional art of luthiery.


I approach custom building instruments as an art form. I find real satisfaction in crafting a beautiful object that encourages the personal expression of another artist. As a musician myself, I am keenly aware that my hand crafted instrument must be more than fine looking. It must be highly functional and enhance the eventual owners musical experience. Based so heavily on craftsmanship and experience, our practice of this traditional art has the potential for continued improvement throughout our working lifespan. As the years move forward, we strive to build increasingly beautiful instruments that compliment our customers and their playing style as fully as possible. Our work is part of a collaborative artistic expression between builder and performer, one of which I am honored and grateful to be a part.


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