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Oils on canvas or paper


Osterwalder was born in Mexico. For over thirty years she worked exclusively with oils on canvas or paper. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, the artist changed her palette to the natural colors of Earth. She has spent the last decade exploring the history and culture associated with Amatl (hand made bark paper) and Pre- Hispanic dyes. She is the recipient of the 2006 FINE ARTS NALAC GRANT, the author of “ On The Florentine Codex: Reflections of a Reader “ published In “ Hand Paper Magazine, Volume 30, number 2, Winter of 2015. She runs a Blog “ Why Red, Why Amatl” where she describes her journey into the uses of the two elements from the Pre-Hispanic era to the present.
Her work has been exhibited in the USA, Europe, Israel and China.

An Alumni of Columbus College of Arts and Design she currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband.


Color was, is and will always be.

The study of color has been the one constant pursuit in my entire arts career.

For over thirty years I painted exclusively with oil based color on canvas or paper. In the year 2000 a scare with breast cancer forced me to change and look for new ways to express myself. This change opened a whole new vision. I discovered a world where natural colors and hand made papers have spiritual, religious and medicinal purposes, and also played an important role in the history of the world.

My art now embraces not only color as in the past, but also the history and culture of the people that inhabited the land where I was born Mexico.



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