Brooke Albrecht - Columbus Open Studio & Stage


Brooke Albrecht’s studio is located on the near west side within a warehouse with off-street parking and a well-marked entrance. You will be guided to her second floor space where you can expect to see examples of her illustration work in various stages and paper cuts that appear in her windows. She is looking forward to meeting you.


Digital illustration, paper cuts, mixed media


My name is Brooke Albrecht and I’m an artist and graphic designer based in Columbus, Ohio. I love capturing the inherent beauty in nature and celebrating our everyday experiences with sense of child-like wonder and quirky absurdity. In my work, I strive to elevate the most simple image or story into a delightful dance for the imagination.


My work is inspired by folklore, nostalgia and a sense of wordplay. Many times my art begins conventionally with pen and paper, or with a paper cut, then scanned in to the computer for coloring I would love to open my studio and demonstrate my craft to the public. 400 West Rich, based in Franklinton, Ohio is a thriving multi-functional arts complex housing over 100 artist studios. My studio has been an inspiration to me.


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