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Anita Dawson is a Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts at the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio where she taught painting and drawing. She grew up in Florida, an influence on her present work, earning degrees at the University of South Florida and the University of Florida.

Ms. Dawson is a painter of iconic still lifes. She actively exhibits paintings locally and throughout the United States; recently in Chicago, Indianapolis, Lexington, Virginia and Winter Park, Florida. Her work is represented in public and private collections. Her research into imagery has taken her on numerous trips to Italy, Spain and France to study iconography. In recent years she has served as a visiting artist and art professor in Aix in Provence and Rome.

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In the studio my primary concerns are the physicality of paint, a dramatic use of chiaroscuro, translations of light into color and occasional distorted spacial relationships, all arranged in a formal, emblematic composition. Often the table serves as a plain or a proscenium on which these objects interrelate. All these elements interweave various levels of illusion and reality to create a charged dramatic atmosphere.

In this work I explore and honor the things of beauty that animate our world; birds, rabbits, books, fruit and flowers. They are used here as signs of a reverence for nature and our life in it. There is both comedy and serious intent in the odd juxtapositions which address our contemporary environment and aesthetic understanding. At the heart of this body of work is a belief that life affirming universal truths can be found in these small painted worlds.

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