Find tour stops on your phone!

(requires map purchase)

The Piggyback App corresponds with tour stops on the map. To download the app, search for “Piggyback App” in the Apple App Store or Android Google Play. In Piggyback, type “COSS” in the search bar. Studio addresses go live October 7. A map or proof of purchase is required for entry into Studios and Stages. 

You can find stops by artist, stage or partner, and also by city quadrant.




Tour stops correspond with numbers on the map.

For example, in Piggyback you will see 0014: Holly Leonard in 2017 Artist Studios. On your brochure map, Holly is shown as stop #14.


Each stop has useful info like bio, images and location.

Click “Text” to read about the artist, stage or partner. 

Click “Images” to view artwork by the artist, or photos of the stage or partner.

Click “Map” to access a map to the tour stop.