Level Up Your COSS Experience!

1. CHART YOUR COURSE: Don’t try to do it all.  We’re pretty sure it’s not possible. Grab your friends and hash out your plan ahead of time. Want to hit as many locations as possible? Plan you tour by neighborhood. Have specific artists you’re dying to meet? Use our online catalog to check them out ahead of time and plot your journey (pro tip: buy hard copies of the catalog at any artist studio on the tour and the artist gets the proceeds). Our online app (Piggyback) can also help keep you on course, studio address go live on October 7.

2. TALK TO ARTISTS: They’ve opened up their studios because they want to meet you! They want to hear what you think and answer your questions about how they make their art.

3. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BACKSTAGE TOURS: It’s not often you get to go behind the curtains so take advantage of this rare opportunity. Stage tours are scheduled at specific times and have limited space so be sure to register when you purchase your map. You will also receive a link to register in your map purchase receipt, but don’t wait too long! Tours will fill up.

4. FUEL UP: Stop for lunch, coffee, a drink or a snack at any of our great local Cbus restaurants near our COSS studios, stages and partners. On the go? Use the QR code on the tour map to locate restaurants on your phone and to find special offers for COSS participants.

5. EXPLORE NEW SPACES: Be sure to check out our Community Arts Partners. They’ve conjured up special FREE programming just for you during COSS tour weekend, but be sure to ask about what they’ve got cooking the rest of the year.

6. GET SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: Be prepared to fall in love and buy art. All of our COSS studio artists will have work for sale. Once you watch how they make their art, trust us you’re gonna want a piece of your own (and yes most of our artists take credit cards).

7. ENJOY THE TOUR: Studios and stages are your destination, but the journey between points is a chance to explore our city. Slow down and check out Cbus.

8. SHARE YOUR JOURNEY: During COSS weekend, you will get access to spaces that are not normally open to the public—take pictures, show your friends (make them wish they were there) and tag them #ArtMakesCbus and #COSStour.

9. PARK LIKE A PRO: Drive carefully and always park legally, because tickets suck. Also, many of our artists’ studios are part of their homes, so please respect their ‘hood.

10. RECRUIT: Invite friends. Let them know group tickets cost less (the map is your ticket, and 1 map admits 1 person). They can get 1 map for $10, 2 for $18, or 4 for $35. Seriously, the more the merrier.