Stephanie Rond

Stephanie Rond is a Columbus, Ohio based street artist whose colorful and feminist work can be seen on walls around the city, both inside and out. She attended Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Ohio State University. The Columbus Dispatch and Columbus Alive newspapers tapped her 97 piece solo show, titled Dangerous Impermanence, on their coveted list of Best Art Exhibits of 2014.

Stephanie also had the distinguished honor of representing all of North America in “She’s a Leader,” a street art project created by the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society based in Paris, France. She is co-founder of Creative Arts of Women (CAW), founder of the website Women Street Artists and owns several galleries.

An award-winning documentary has been created about her work. The film, Tiny Out Loud, studies Stephanie’s gender-gouging street art and dollhouse art galleries. She served as producer of the film, joining director Andrew Ina to craft a fun but evocative exploration of making gender roles smaller and the art world’s accessibility larger.

Catherine Bell Smith

Catherine Bell Smith is an artist living and working in Columbus, Ohio. Her mid-west roots are a point of pride and a source of inspiration. Her current work is composed of and inspired by natural elements collected and pocketed from the land she inhales while exploring country roads, walking city streets, and growing her half-acre garden. Primarily an installation artist, Bell Smith considers sculpture, painting, and drawing essential tools in her process. Her work draws fine lines of connection between nature’s example of life in balance and humankind’s journey toward purpose, understanding, and integrity. The use of degradable materials directs the conversation toward what is under-valued, over-looked, or marginalized in the world today.

Bell Smith is co-director of the “Sign Your Art” street art project and co-creator of a new community organization, Columbus Open Studio and Stage. She is the current coordinator of exhibitions for Creative Arts of Women (CAW), a collective of 90 Ohio-based artists. Her local business, Arlington Frames, is a 22-year entrepreneurial success. Bell Smith holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University. Her art studio is at Blockfort Studios and Gallery in Columbus.

She continues to pick things up and put them in her pockets.

Amy Leibrand

Amy Leibrand is an image-based artist focused on visual storytelling. Her artworks explore themes ranging from self-doubt to ridiculous beauty standards. Amy begins her process by taking photographs with either digital or analog cameras. She then physically and/or digitally manipulates and composites her images to tell a story. Her work has gained international attention through exhibits in Paris, Berlin, London and major U.S. cities, and through publication in VICE magazine, New York Times Lens, LensCulture and others. In 2014, Amy was featured in a segment on WOSU’s Emmy Award-winning television program, Broad & High.

Amy has curated numerous exhibits in Columbus. In 2013, she founded EXPOSURE Mobile Photo, a gallery exhibition that included 300 works by 60 artists from around the world and was named by Columbus Alive as one of the best exhibits of 2014. She is Treasurer for CAW: Creative Arts of Women, a Columbus-based organization with about 80 active members.

Amy is a self-taught artist and curator; however, her 17-ish years as a research scientist has taught her how to think critically and creatively. She works primarily in the field of machine learning for health care analytics. Amy uses art to clear her brain.

Lisa McLymont

Lisa McLymont is a visual artist, designer and self-identified creative nomad. She was born in Manhattan, NY, to first generation Jamaican American parents, and has lived and worked as an independent designer and artist in Columbus, Ohio for most of her life. She became interested in art at an early age, influenced by her father’s love of music, her mother’s love of expression, and their shared love of beauty.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and Visual Communications from The Ohio State University. A self-taught artist who has studied and honed her craft through project developments with other local and independent creatives, Lisa believes that her investment of focus has made her a well rounded and flexible creative, eager to explore visual challenges and design simple and effective solutions that can be worn, printed, or displayed.

Lisa volunteers her time with other local art heroes as guiding forces behind artist groups such as the CAW: Creative Arts of Women, Creative Women of Color and The Art and Artists Of.