October 7-8, 2017

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Community Benefits:
  • Peek inside artist studios and behind the stage at performing art venues
  • Converse with working artists about their process and inspiration
  • Discover new artists and art forms
  • Strengthen relationships within the art community
  • Purchase artwork directly from the artist
Participant Benefits:
  • Placement on the COSS website, tour map, social media and in the 2017 COSS catalog (check out the 2016 COSS catalog!)
  • Connection with Greater Columbus Arts Council and Art Makes Columbus campaign (COSS Sponsors)
  • Sales, marketing and demonstration resources
  • Cultivate and expand your audience and sell your work directly to the public

In its inaugural year, 2016, COSS included 26 visual artists, 7 performance venues and 7 community arts partners who opened their doors over two days to the public, providing a peek into the creative process. The first year was a resounding success with nearly $24,000 in studio art sales and more than 1,300 unique studio visits.
Here’s what a few of our 2016 artists said about their experience:

“[Visitors] seemed really engaged and really eager to learn about the [artistic] process.”

“I was surprised by how much people wanted to hear about what I do. In most instances, it turned into a dialogue instead of me just talking at them.”

“[The COSS tour] was so much better than I could have imagined!!”

“I loved the in depth conversations I had with people about my work and my process - conversations that would be difficult without being in my studio. People were really interested and wanted to know so many things.”

“I thought it was a very successful experience - not to mention I was "testing" the waters on some new pieces and sold a few!”

Attendees had a great time, too! A few quotes from visitors:

“Loved seeing the intimate spaces where the artist created.”

“The [PromoWest Express Live] tour definitely gave the audience a backstage experience that typically one would not experience or have knowledge of how much effort is put into making our concerts enjoyable.”

“We loved every stop, even if it wasn't our particular type of art we normally enjoy. It was awesome.”

“It was a great opportunity, one usually never has the opportunity to see the 'behind the scenes' stuff.”


Columbus Open Studio & Stage is sponsored by the Crane Group, CityScene Media GroupGreater Columbus Arts Council, and the Art Makes Columbus | Columbus Makes Art  initiative.